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Available Databases/Services!

The Preston Public Library subscribes to the Learning Express, and Job Now services for your use–at no charge to you!

Learning Express allows you access to practice exams for everything from Civil Service, the GED, the SAT,  to the ASVAB! (And Many more!)

Job Now! helps with writing Resumes, cover letters and career coaching.

Or,  request to download Audiobooks from the Connecticut State Library.

Online information, support files FAQs for iCONN’s downloadable audio book collection.

Just enter your library card number and you are on your way!

(Some applications may ask you to register the first time for you to use them.)

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Preston Public Library Board of Trustees

Board Members:

Katherine Allingham

Patricia Bell

Kelly Ennis-Davis

Ann Legler

Mary Jo Nugent

The Preston Library Board can be reached at:

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Favorite Links

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